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What always cause trouble to motorcycle users is that they have to inflate just after short time of using. With INOUE Butyl rubber tube, we bring to you a special tube which has air permeability is about 4 times higher than natural tube with the following benefits:
1. Safety
2. Saving Fuel
3. Prolong tire and tube life
4. Provide high performance



Price (VND)


2.25/2.50-17 B

2.25/2.50-17 B

Use for rim 17"
Motorcycle Tube
80/90-17 B (70/100-17 B)

80/90-17 B (70/100-17 B)

Use for rim 17"
Motorcycle Tube
2.75/3.00-17 B

2.75/3.00-17 B

Use for rim 17"
Motorcycle Tube

Basic Information

Made with 100% Butyl Rubber, its ability to maintain air pressure over long periods of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the TUBE TYPE tire,Why air pressure in the tube had decrease,although tube don't have punture ?

Because air pressure had osmosis from inside tube to outside,so material of the tube will effect to rate of osmosis.Butyl material have forbid the air pressure to osmosis from inside tube to outside.So we want advised that"please use butyl tube for your motorbycle".

Why the tire run-out while driving?

Can use TUBE for TUBELESS tire?Why?