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IRC Tire rebrands and shifts focus to U.S. market

Thứ 5,    30/11/2017

IRC Tire has retained LiFT creative studios to rebrand and focus on the US market. The company will start by launching new tires at Interbike 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The IRC Tire booth (#4299) will feature a complete range of tyres from traditional 700c through BMX, including popular categories like tubeless and Gravel (Road Plus).

IRC Tire will reveal 2 new tyres in the Gravel and BMX options; the Bokken and the Siren.

The Bokken is a 700c Gravel tire available in 2 widths, 36c and 40c. This new generation tyre has a unique center profile tread for smooth surfaces while side knobs provide traction and control in softer terrain.

The Siren tyre is all new from the Kevlar bead to the tread pattern. A new high-pressure casing ensures the necessary integrity while a new tread configuration provides the rider traction and security. The Siren is a BMX tyre which is available in 1.75” and 1.9” widths.

With an all new focus towards the US market, IRC Tire has appointed Lift Creative Studios (LIFTcs) of Carlsbad, CA to manage the marketing strategy and execution. LIFTcs is a full- service marketing agency servicing action sports and bicycle industry brands.

“With new technologies and new products in development, IRC has outlined a long-term business plan for their Bicycle tyre division. We are excited to partner with LiFTcs to develop programs that meet the commerce needs of the USA distributor, retailer and the customer service demands of the end consumer,” said Bruno Suttles, Sales and Marketing Manager for IRC Tire USA.

Founded in 1926 in Japan, IRC Tire, no stranger in the USA tire market, has amassed over 92 years of experience in bike tire development and manufacturing, owing seven manufacturing plants globally.

CIN Comments

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